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Tips for Keeping Your Volkswagen’s Brakes Maintained

How to Maintain Your Volkswagen’s Brakes

Maintaining your brakes can help you avoid repairs for your Volkswagen, no matter what model you drive. Having your brakes and brake pads inspected regularly will help you head off bigger brake problems and keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safer on the roads around Atlanta. It’s a good idea to ask your mechanic to check your brakes at least once per year and even as often as part of your oil change schedule depending on your driving habits. Additionally, it’s important to check the brake fluid for debris and color changes. Your mechanic will advise when it’s time to flush and refill your brake fluid to ensure your safety on the road. You should also invest in good brake parts. Don’t go for the cheapest option unless your mechanic recommends them for your vehicle’s needs and your driving habits. Quality brake parts mean your drives are safer and the risk of catastrophic brake failure are much lower than with the cheaper options available. It’s not about cost, but quality, so speak with your brake specialist about your options and what each option means for how your Volkswagen brakes in real traffic conditions.

How Your Driving Habits Affect Your Brakes

Brake maintenance is more than having the brake system inspected and having parts replaced as they wear out. Brake maintenance for your Volkswagen can also include changing your driving habits to put less stress on the brake system as you drive. You should avoid braking because the cars in front of you are braking. In rush hour traffic in the Atlanta Metro area, you know other drivers will drive too close to the vehicles they’re following, necessitating more braking. If you give yourself space between your Volkswagen and the vehicles you follow, you won’t have to brake as often or as sharply as you might if you drive with more aggression. You should also try to coast to reduce your speed before applying the brakes. This allows you to stop without having to put as much pressure on the brakes. Being a better driver, one who is aware of the traffic conditions, can help lengthen the life of your brakes.

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Whether you need regular maintenance for your Volkswagen’s brake, or you’ve noticed strange noises, smells or behaviors when you apply the brakes while driving, the team at Blue Ridge Sports Cars in Baltimore, MD, will be your go-to team. The ASE Certified technicians will inspect your brake system and diagnose any problems. The customer service advisors will talk with you about your driving habits and help you understand how small changes to those habits can make a big difference in the life of your Volkswagen. Give them a call today to make an appointment to have your Volkswagen inspected. You’ll be glad you did.